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The Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ) represents the majority of funeral service providers in New Zealand.


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Ashes decision right one, say funeral directors

4 February 2015

Funeral directors welcome a Christchurch City Council hearings panel recommendation that the scattering of ashes in parks and reserves be removed from the proposed bylaws and considered separately to other bylaws which were marked as needing prior written permission, says the Funeral Directors Association... read more

Pre-plan your funeral

Take the practical step of prearranging your funeral, secured through the stability and comfort of the FDANZ Funeral Trust.

The FDANZ Funeral Trust is a pre-arranged funeral plan exclusively available through members of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand

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15 - 16 April 2015

Wellington Half Yearly Meeting and 2015 Graduation Dinner

9 - 10 September 2015

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